How do we do it?

Financial planning is a multi-faceted professional service that needs to integrate a number of related issues to optimise any one solution.

The Findata financial planning process is best illustrated by 3 concepts

Each individual decision requires an analysis of a triangle of three important elements:

  • Identifying the specific need of the client
  • Evaluating all the solution variables for the identified need
  • Implementing the best fit solution
Findata clients are secured and protected by this process-driven planning model. The circle represents the quality control imposed on all Findata solutions. These solutions:
  • Are developed within the constraints of standardised best practice processes, developed through years of research and experience, in cooperation with other professionals and specialist associates within the Findata/Finsolnet Network.
  • Must conform and comply with the requirements of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) to ensure that all solutions offered are fair and equitable.


No single solution can be seen in isolation. Every financial planning decision will impact on a variety of related disciplines.
  • Each solution, consequently, has a number of solution triangles that need to be solved and linked to the optimal solution.
  • The various triangles are combined and integrated to build a solution pyramid that can be illustrated as a multi-faceted pyramid.
  • The integrated decision process ensures that the contributing solutions converge to ensure a strong, integrated holistic solution.
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